Warm welcome at the bay of Sveti Martin

Welcome to House Rosa on the island of Lošinj - an oasis where the scents of pine forest, medicinal herbs, and turquoise sea blend harmoniously. With crystal-clear waters, air rich in aerosols, and over 200 sunny days annually, Lošinj proudly bears the label of the Island of Vitality.

Complete Experience on the island of Lošinj

Located in the beautiful bay of Sveti Martin, House Rosa is a unique sanctuary filled with love and attention to the smallest details. Tina and Veselin will warmly welcome you and ensure that your stay is carefree.

With our modernly designed gallery, discover four fully equipped accommodation units. Enjoy a spa experience with a massage pool and a relaxing corner for complete relaxation. The seaside promenade is just 5 minutes away, providing a connection with nature.